at imperial produce, we take pride
when Imperial Produce Packers Limited selects product to serve your business, we look for qualities that demonstrate freshness. By sampling textures for signs of freshness we can ensure our thorough selection process offers impeccable produce. At Imperial Produce Packers Ltd. we make it our business to serve you with a freshness experience. Located in the heart of Ontario, the Mississauga-based Imperial Produce Packers Ltd. is a leading independent importer and distributor of fresh produce throughout North America. We offer the highest quality of fresh produce to our extended family of clients and partners, while reflecting a proud Canadian identity. Originally formed in 2005, under the leadership of founder Jose Pereira, the success of the company grows from his nearly 45 years of experience related to the produce industry. From the first seed to the dinner plate, you are guaranteed a quality product that is ready to satisfy any appetite. We are confident that our wide range of produce paralleled with our freshness guarantee will provide your business with a natural experience that will have you growing impatient until the next bite. We don’t just provide you with a high quality product, we provide you with a freshness experience.


with nearly 45 years of experience, the heart of Imperial Produce Packers Ltd. (IPPL), Jose Pereira is an expert when it comes to sharing the experience of freshness. Born in the island of Saô Miguel, at a young age he observed year-round tropical climates nurture the growth of delicious produce. Jose grew up with fruits and vegetables on his family’s farm. From waking up each morning at sunrise and taking rest at sunset, he embraced the most natural way of enjoying life. As he grew older, Jose strongly felt the need to share his experience of freshness with others. At the age of 14, he migrated to Canada to pursue his passion. From working closely with several Canadian produce companies for years, he was able to expand his knowledge of the industry while remaining focused on his independent goals. Currently, Jose is proud to nurture and supply quality Canadian-grown fruits and vegetables to food outlets across North America. He also garnishes support from California and Arizona during Canada’s unforgiving winters. Jose Pereira welcomes you to join him as an ambassador of fresh fruits and vegetables and an honored partner in providing a pure experience of freshness to others.


with over 23 years of experience in the produce industry, Director of Marketing & Sales for Imperial Produce Packers Ltd. (IPPL), Navin Jain thoroughly understands expectations and exceeds them. While starting his career in hospitality, Jain was confidently able to translate his strong background in marketing and sales of quality products to the ever-growing food services industry. As a Certified Food & Beverage Controller, Navin is committed to excellence. IPPL makes it a point to hire dependable people and continuously refine the production and distribution process for fruits and vegetables. This vision is our way of offering a path of success to our clients. We don't just provide you with a quality product; we share with you an experience of freshness. At IPPL, we make every effort to understand our clients and their business needs. Our product development reflects our core values of efficiency, knowledge, freshness and passion for produce. Navin Jain welcomes you to join him as an ambassador of fresh fruits and vegetables and an honored partner in providing a pure experience of freshness to others.


- Quality, uncompromised.

- Freshness unleashed.

- Unleash a fresh experience.

- Pure produce.